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Vision. New Birth. Seasons.



The Prophetic House has a mandate,  a mission and a responsibility to birth out the body of Christ: royal priesthoods, prophets, seasons, gifts, helpmates, handmaidens and kingdom heirs! It is our vision to ensure your time spent with us will birth-out your kingdom calling.



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Prophetess Allyssa, has a long track record of Healing, Deliverance and Prophetic Mastership. Her gift of hearing the voice of God has birthed many prophets, caused rivers to flow and opened closed portals. As the set Prophet and Apostle of this house Allyssa has a track record of education in the Holy Spirit of Accuracy. As a leader of teams and a Corporate Fortune 500 Executive, Pastor Allyssa is ready to lead The Body of Christ into the next dimension of the Spirit to prepare God's people for the Last Call: Salvation and Glory Bound!


Pastor Allyssa Narvaez




The Renewing 


           Your Mind!


                       Romans 12:2

Dante Bishop, Financier, C.P.A


Dante Bishop holds an anointing of Propetic resonancing and is a marketplace minister called to the 5-fold assembly. As a finance expert God has placed him as our ministry financial armour-bearer. You can reach out to Dante @

Reverend Judith Rejouis-Ministre

Deaconess Dr. Sarena Conaway


Sierra Siloam Narvaez 


 Kathendy Zaggannigi



Dr. Sarena Conaway recently joined the launch of University of The Prophets. As the foundation of Education Dr. Sarena holds multiple titles: Superintendent of Michigan Schools and the Organizer of the Prophetic University. Her drive for Christ has helped the Body of Christ in prayer intercession and helps administration. Reach out to Dr. Sarena on most Social Media platforms.

Kathy, has labored with the ministry for over 4 years. Her faithfulness and dedication is untouchable. As a Kingdom Blazer Kathendy's Spirtual Prayer Mantle under girds the ministry and provides administration, helps and marketing initiatives for The Prophetic House, The Edge Network and Allyssa Kathendy is a jewel and she loves Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Ms. Sierra Siloam is the youth division and arm for The Prophetic House Church. Sierra's passion and love for Christ exemplifies as she continues to serve Christ. The Mantle of Evangelism God has placed upon Sierra at the young age of 11 has matured at her flower of 15yrs old. Sierra ministers along side of Apostle Allyssa as her mistress of ceremonies and healing services. She can be found on most social media platforms.

Rev. Judith has a voice that causes the angels to fly! Her octave range ministers for Apostle Allyssa before the presence of healing. She travels extensively and maintains organization for the ministry and healing crusades. Rev. Judith has a longing for God that resonates everything she administers. She is a rare jewel in a set body. Reach out to Rev. Judith Rejouis-Ministre on Facebook.